Ian and Ge


Not all weddings need to be grandiose or very unique. Even simple or budgeted weddings can become timeless by being true to yourself, doing your research and choosing wisely. This couple did just that. We as photographers even learned a gem of a location to shoot the post ceremony portraits with the whole Manila as our back drop.

Images by Tim Medrano shot for Brian Lucas Reyes

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Make portraits at Capitol Commons Pasig City

We shot about half as much as guards were questioning our rights to shoot. Capitol Commons isn’t that friendly to photographers just taking snaps. They wanted a permit, and other more baseless documents. It’s either that or they just wanted to get near Iriss. LOL

Model/Styling/Hair and Make-up by Iriss Mangio (Citystylist)

Capitol Commons, Pasig City


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Angono Art Capital of the Philippines, Visiting Botong Francisco and Balaw Balaw Art Galleries

Black Saturday has brought me time to do a bit of travel photography near the metro. Angono, Rizal is just east of Metro Manila and is considered to be the art capital of the Philippines.

See gallery here


The Botong Francisco Gallery and Museum

It is now run by the grandson Totong Francisco. The old artefacts and sketches of the late muralist.

Botong Francisco



It is now curated by the grandson Totong Francisco who is an artist himself.

Botong Fransisco gallery entrance





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Rave Park, Engagement – Mayan and Jade

Mayan and Jade was one of the brave couple who availed of the Love Month promo I did back in February in tradition of Valentine’s Day. They have been civilly married with two kids and they’ll be having their wedding this coming May. The location they have chosen was Rave Park, an initiative of the Pasig City local government to have a safe and clean place for residents near the Pasig River to stay at. We did sets within the area specially at the Maze Garden the park was famous for.


MUA: Anne Cillo

Coordination: Laurence Pardola

Hair: Anthony Fortalejo Emnas

Photographer: Tim Medrano

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-1

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-2

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-3

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-4

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-5

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-6

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-7

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-8

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-9

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-10

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-11

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-12

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-13

Mayan and Jade ESession Rave Park Pasig-14

Groom popped the question in Ninyo Restaurant in Katipunan

Well someone took the time and effort to setup Ninyo a fine dining restaurant in Katipunan to surprise an unsuspecting bride-to-be.

Thanks to his close friends and sisters, Terd just raised up his chances getting the “yes” from his now fiancee Rachell.

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-1

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-2

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-8

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-9

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-10

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-5

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-11

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-20

Terd’s weapon of choice to close the deal.

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-6

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-7

With shakey legs and nervous voice Terd pulled through and got his “yes”.
Nothing beats the undeniably authentic emotion of the moment. Enjoy it.

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-13

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-14

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-15

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-16

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-17

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-18

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-19

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-20

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-21

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-22

Terd and Rachelle Proposal-23

It was very challenging to shoot in such a dark place. But thank God we managed to pull through with great images. Terd was very happy with a “yes”, and I’m sure Rachell is too with the surprise proposal. Oh yeah, the photos came out well. 🙂
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Your First Heirloom

Starting a family starts with you wedding. 75 years from now you might want to remember the memories you have from that very moment you saw your lovely wife dressed in the expensive customised gown that truly give justice to her beauty. I personally believe in prints and a final album/set of prints as our main line of business on top of the image files in DVD/USB.

First of all, soft copies can get corrupted, reformatted and even impulsively erased but prints lasts forever (well, almost). Second, it is also a great way to showcase the wedding story through a series of photographs laid out artistically as a lone photograph cannot embody the whole wedding. Finally, it is your new family’s first heirloom. It will outlast the food, the flowers and even to some degree your own memories of that special day.

Do you want your first heirloom to be like this? (image was taken from google as I don’t have these anymore)


Because it won’t be long when USB drives, DVD’s, and HDD/SSD’s will be obsolete like the 3.5 floppy at the pace we are going with tech.

Here are basic “Black Books” that I offer to couples:

TM Sample Albums (7 of 7) TM Sample Albums (6 of 7)  TM Sample Albums (2 of 7) TM Sample Albums (1 of 7)

These are simple square format prints made to be scratch proof and archived for a hundred years. Just try to scratch a DVD and see what happens.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate album/storybook. I find the boxed prints very charming and understated in its simplicity.


It might seem I am pushing an additional cost to couples but really think about it objectively. You paid xxx,xxx amount for the wedding ceremony to look nice and magical yet the day passes by and all you will show for it is a DVD copy of images?

Emotionally, can you really put a price on something you would want to remember for the rest of your life?

Hongkong – 3rd day and the “settling” lens

Please view 1st and 2nd days 🙂

3rd Day in Hongkong

Theres only so much activities to do in Hongkong. Shop, walk around and if you are a street/lifestyle photographer, this place is teeming with interesting characters. Just by the sheer number of people roaming the streets, you’re bound to see something unique and truly “Honkie”. That is why by the third day, I got a bit tired of making images and instead wanted to do some “consumer work”. So Ed, Benjo, and I, bee-lined to “Sim City” the Mecca of gadget hunters especially audiophiles and photographers. It has some really cool finds from rare cheap camera accessories and really cheap second-hand lenses. I found a deal for a 2nd hand Tokina 12-24mm DX I that was too cheap to ignore.

The Porn Connection

It took half a day and a lot of back and forth for me to secure the money as I did not plan on spending much during this trip- much less buying a lens. But I just had to get my hands on that that fine piece of glass! It made my old Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 “walk-around” lens virtually useless on this trip or other trips in the near future. It is just that I never found it to be an “exciting” lens anyway. It will get you through just enough to do the job at hand, but it will never excite you. It is comparable to rice: tasteless, colorless, yet it will get you through the day. In my humble opinion, that focal range is the equivalent of “settling”. It just never wide enough nor tight enough to excite my visual needs. It just never “pushed” me nor do I feel any “spark”- it is “safe”. The few “pros” I can see with this lens is that it’s “convenient”, “aesthetically pleasing” (image quality) and “fast”.  All of which can also be the said about porn. All attributes are great, but not really what you need.

Please view the full set of the 3rd day by clicking the photo: